Our Solutions and Services

Corporate Technology Group provides a full spectrum of IT solutions for your business or organization. Whether you are a small business with a single server or a corporation with multiple locations, Corporate Technology Group can help you to achieve your IT goals and to improve the function and experience of your network.

Network Consulting, Design, and Support:

Our experienced and certified engineers can help you develop and expand upon your current and future network needs. By involving your business goals and pain points, we can help map out a solution that will strengthen your network in terms of security, functionality, and efficiency. Our talented team can also help keep your network running smoothly after the dust from the development settles and the actual business work begins.

IP Telephony:

Corporate Technology Group has been providing telephone solutions to businesses for over a decade. Starting with traditional PBX systems, we quickly migrated our focus over to IP based phone systems and integrated our existing knowledge of IP networking and phone systems into the newly developing IP Telephony. Over the years, we have fine tuned our skills to help businesses and organizations plan, implement, and utilize IP phone systems for maximum efficiency.

Borderless Networking:

Over the last few years, the world has expanded from a local experience to global phenomenon for all of us. Borderless networks expands the old network model from that of a self-contained and limited locality structure to one that can provide secure voice, video, and data to nearly any location and on nearly any compatible device. This enables and empowers a mobile workforce to perform up to standards that were only available in the past by being rooted to the local network.

Network Security:

Network security can be one of the most complicated and important factors for your network. The daily increase of threats to computer networks is a never ending battle and the integrity of your network and the security of your data is at stake if you fail. Corporate Technology Group has been securing networks for over 25 years. From firewalls, servers, endpoints, and beyond, our experienced engineers can help you evaluate your current security level and recommend and implement additional safeguards for your most vital assets.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Like network security, the safeguarding of your data from loss should rank number one in your concerns. The commodity that most businesses operate and trade in these days is data. This data often operates behind the scenes of normal operation but it is the foundation of your business and its operations. You need to ask yourself "What would happen if I were to irrevocably lose my data?". For most, the consequences of this loss would be catastrophic. Corporate Technology Group can evaluate your current backup and disaster recovery methods and help to design a more robust recovery solution that can minimalize any loss and speed up business operation recovery time in case of a disaster.

Virtualization and Storage:

If you have not considered virtualization for your network, it may be time to do so. Virtualization can allow you to consolidate several servers into a single host with multiple virtual servers residing on it. This has the benefits of freeing up rack space, decreasing power consumption and cooling, simplifying management, and providing faster server provisioning and improved business continuity. Corporate Technology Group can help you develop a virtualization solution and provide the right storage solution to fit your needs.

Managed Services:

Managing a data network can be a time consuming and confusing task. Unless you employ personnel who are trained in network management, your network can be at risk. Even if you have a network staff they can often be overworked with other projects and unable to devote enough time to network monitoring to make sure things are running smoothly. Constant monitoring and management of a data network is like driving a car. The driver must make small adjustments and corrections based upon the feedback he gets from the environment, the feel of the car and the instruments. If the driver decides to engage the cruise control and take a nap, the car will drive for awhile in a straight line but eventually will drive off the road and crash. Likewise, an unmanaged data network will eventually develop problems that can lead to poor performance, loss of connectivity, or catastrophic failures. Managed services provides the "driver" to monitor and correct for these problems before they get to large or critical. Corporate Technology Group can provide the ability to manage your data network through our UpTym Networks division.

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